The Contentful Beginners Guide

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Optimize your Contentful experience by learning how to build and scale a highly personalized, effective content model. 

What a powerful Contentful experience looks like, and how to create one.

I helped companies of all different sizes implement and scale Contentful for the last 5 years. Teams I've worked with that follow this one specific process were far more likely to set up a successful Contentful project than those who didn't.

What's the process teams follow that makes them successful with Contentful?

It's called the Waterfall method, and it's applied to content modeling. It uses your current challenges to inform a vision that an entire team can work towards, and makes Contentful the tool that pulls it all together.

80 pages of specific advice, examples, stakeholder questions, and more:

Unit 1: Key definitions to understand

  • Headless Content Management System

  • Content model

  • What forms can content come in?

  • Content relationships

Unit 2: Why is a well-designed content model important?

  • Traditional CMS problems can creep up without the right content model

  • Why content models fail

  • What you can do to avoid headless CMS failure

Unit 3: Planning what your content model needs

  • Example: The Luggage Company

  • Exercise: let's dissect your project brief

  • Asking questions to unearth hidden needs, wants, and workflows

  • Example: Developing requirements for The Luggage Company

  • Exercise: Build requirements for your own project

Unit 4: Designing the content model

  • Introduction: what's a relational model?

  • Key concepts to understand about relational modeling

  • Let's practice relational modeling

  • Exercise: model a piece of your project

Unit 5: How to implement your new content model

  • Validation: Why it's important, how to add it, and where

  • Let's practice implementing a content model in Contentful

  • Implement your own content model

Unit 6: Evolving your content model over time

  • Iteration: talk to your stakeholders!

  • What’s a snowflake? To add a content model or not

  • Considerations and tips as your project evolves

3 comprehensive videos where I

  • Demo relational modeling for a sample blog post

  • Explain how and where to add validation to your content model 

  • Practice implementing a content model in Contentful

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6 units
80 pages

The Contentful Beginners Guide

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